Friday, July 17, 2015

One Year, Per Person

This isn't skills related, but I will be posting my progress on my LTS food storage goals.  I have 3 months of food in the house right now for the three of us to live comfortably for 3 months.  In my mind, one needs at least a year supply of food.  My reason for this is that if the disaster that brings our country to its knees interrupts the food supply or inflation drives food out of your price range, you need to be able to survive and eat through at least one winter and growing cycle before you have produced enough food for the next year.  I don't have facts to throw at you to support this position, just my person philosophy.

As it stands, I have 10 adults(including me and hubby) and 5 children under 7 that I would feel obligated to save, should the worst happen.  These are all family.  I haven't mentioned that I'm planning on storing food for them because I don't need to be the crazy aunt right now.  So I've been doing what I do best, researching how much food you need for about 12 adults(5 children can equal 2 adults, yes?).  I'm focusing on grains, beans, sugar, salt, oil and spices.  With exception of oils, these are all easily stored in mylar bags.

I found an infographic on pintrest for 1 year supply of food for one person at 2200 calories a day. The good thing about that is if you ration the food to 50-75% of 2200, you can add more good eatin' time to the counter down clock and still survive.  Here's how I added it up:

12 Adults/1 Year

1100 lbs Beans (Lima, Pinto, Navy, Garbanzo, Lentils, Split Peas)

4800 lbs Grains (Popcorn/Cornmeal, Rice, Soft White Wheat, Hard White Wheat, Hard Red Wheat, Rolled Oats)

700 lbs Sugar (a lot for canning)
1.5 Gallons Molasses for making Brown Sugar

TBD  Salt
TBD Spices

I have the amounts, now where do I get them cheap and how much will it cost?!?  As for the where, I have found a couple of sources on the internet for local-ish grain and bean growers.  I purchased 50 lbs of split peas and lentils at Winco recently, packaged by the Columbia Bean and Produce, Inc.  There isn't much on the website, but I'm going to call them up and see what their walk-in prices are.  I will be cutting the Winco middle man out, especially if I buy in bulk.  The grains requirement might be fulfilled by Palouse Grain Growers, Inc.  Both of these suppliers are not super close to me, but are between me and my BOL.   If I save my money and take fewer trips, I can stock up quickly.

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