Saturday, July 25, 2015

After action report

Two weekend garage sales with a toddler was exhausting!  I'm not sure I was thinking straight, but we survived.  Overall, I learned some very useful information for the next planned garage sale in late September.  First, start early.  The first weekend, I only opened up at noon and went into the evening.  Apparently, this is not when folks are out looking.  Second, opening on Thursday, great idea.  The die hard shoppers are actively looking for sales.  The second weekend, I opened at noon on Thursday and did $85 in an hour, then nothing.  For the next garage sale I have, I'll open at 8 am on Thursday for sure.

The final numbers, $291 the first weekend (Thurs-Sat) and second weekend $340 so far.  I say so far because I added lots of fabric the second week and a friend had me set aside some fabric that she will pay for on her next paycheck.  What is really sad is that it hardly made a dent!  GAH!  I'll never be rid of it all!

So the plan is to rest up and go at it again in late September.  I might do it for two more weekends and then just donate what is left. In the meantime, I'll be listing all the fabric on "destashing" facebook groups and craiglist.

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