Thursday, July 9, 2015

Here we go...

Welcome!  I see you found my little corner of the must be really bored.  I know, it has happened to me alot.  You start out searching for something, then another idea pops into your head, you open another tab and start another rabbit trail.  Before you know it you have 20 tabs open ranging from cloth diapers to nigerian goats to aquaponics, not to mention Faraday cages and 101 uses for vinegar.

That's how prepping started for me.  I don't remember the exact circumstances, maybe it was too much talk radio, maybe I had a packrat Grandma who would tell me stories about the Great Depression, maybe I just love a good zombie movie scenario, but like "Inception", the idea that a something bad was on the horizon planted itself in my little brain.  Then it grew.

At the time, I was a stay at home wifey with way too much time on my hands.  I was into cosplay and sewing costumes, my husband and I went to sci-fi conventions and played MMO games online.  Then the gas prices hit $4.00+ and food started to get more expensive.  I started to think that things in the good old USA weren't guaranteed to stay rosy forever.  I began to do research on the economics of the last 100 years, pouring over the causes of the Great Depression, stories of how people lived.  It occurred to me that there was nothing in human existence that proved you could break the mold of boom and bust.  You can blow the bubbles, but they will eventually burst.  The government/financial sector/whoever has done a lot to manipulate when the bubble will burst, but they can't stop it.

So I started to think, what happens to my family when it crashes?  Oh, my, I'd done it now!  All the questions, the research, the history, as fast as my little fingers could type, I was running all over the internet, gathering blogs, websites, buying books on Amazon.  I was a research machine.  I was going so fast, I had to save web addresses for later because I didn't have to time to digest all the information on a page before I had another question pop up and send me down another search path.

Fast forward to today, I have started my LTS food stores, but I've really only been gathering information and buying stuff.  Research and purchasing are my best "skills", but post collapse, they won't save me.  I've been dancing around it for a while now, but I realize I don't really have any skills that will benefit me post collapse and food storage will only get you so far.  All my research has pointed me to sustainability as the key to surviving whatever is coming.  It is a common theme among preparedness topics, but it was hard for me to get away from the "just store food/gear/books and hide in a hole" mentality.  If you want to eat, sure, store food, but unless you can replenish it, you are doomed.

So, we finally come to the purpose of this blog!  I can buy seeds, but I have a black thumb.  I can milk a goat, but can I make sure it doesn't die?  They say chickens are easy to raise, but I haven't done it yet?  Can I grow enough to feed livestock if the feed store is closed?  If I had a firearm, would I know how to use it?  Time to get to work!  Here I shall post my fledgling efforts.  The time for research is over, time to DO.

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